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Yacht Stewardess job description

Yacht Stewardess job description

This blog will give you an overview of yacht stewardess job description.

A yacht stew is a novice position on a superyacht. A yacht stew is in charge of the superyacht’s interior maintenance and giving the finest level of hospitality and service in line with the owners’ and guests’ demands.

A yacht stewardess is a professional position that requires skills, intelligence and tact. It is the ultimate job for someone who loves being in the company of upscale people in an elegant setting. Yacht stewardesses are required to be knowledge about silver service, food safety qualifications, housekeeping and laundry, culinary skills can be helpful if required to cook for crew and foreign languages. Knowledge of wines, drinks and cocktails are also beneficial.

A stewardess should be able to work well with little supervision, have the ability to meet deadlines and work as part of a team. Being open-minded is another prerequisites.

Yacht stewards are required to demonstrate outstanding guest relations skills, strong communication abilities and sense of responsibility.

They must also be physically fit and capable of lifting heavy objects. Some of the perks of being a yacht stewardess include: vacations in exotic locations, meeting celebrities and dignitaries, getting paid to sightsee and getting paid to eat the finest food.

Yacht stewardess job description

What Does a Yacht Stewardess Do?

A yacht stewardess is responsible for making the owner and guests happy. A day in the life of a yacht stew starts with greeting guests as they board the boat, getting them settled and attending to their needs throughout their time on board. The rest of her time is spent serving great food, stocking supplies, cleaning the boat and helping out with laundry.

There may be anything from 1 to 5+ yacht stewards on a larger-sized yacht. The responsibilities and duties of a yacht stewardess will differ depending on the size of the boat and the amount of crew on board. On a bigger yacht, your first duty as a stewardess will be to learn the fundamentals of being a stewardess.

The biggest issue for yacht crew members is keeping the boat in excellent condition, and it’s a full-time job that requires much hard work. Keeping the yacht clean, detailing it, cleaning the windows, and polishing are all on their to-do list to maintain it in perfect shape at all times.

On a smaller yacht, with a lesser number of stewardesses on board, responsibilities will expand to more hands-on tasks such as tender driving and anchoring. Assist in the galley or deck operations is also a possibility.

What Skills Does a Yacht Stewardess Need to have?

You don’t need any formal education or experience as a stew, even though catering college or formal hospitality background can be really helpful. It’s not a place for people who cannot deal with high-pressure environments or are unwilling to work off the beaten path. Crew members on superyachts are expected to be flexible and adaptable to different situations.

Anyone who is an excellent multi-tasker, knows how to lead and manage others, has outstanding interpersonal skills and is accustomed to working in a team is qualified for the job! It doesn’t stop there though. To excel and go to the next level, it’s a good idea to learn foreign languages like French and Spanish and hone your culinary skills.

Workload will fluctuate depending on the yacht, season, itinerary, and whether you have passengers on board. The busiest times are generally before the start of the season or during boat shows or guest arrivals. The relatively slower times occur when the boat is laid up for maintenance and refits.

A yacht stewardess position on a superyacht needs energetic individuals who are always on their feet. While guests and/or owners are not aboard, a normal 8-5 workday with weekends off if full-time employment is typical, but hours will be longer and the job will be more difficult if there is a trip or event with guests.

What are the responsibilities of a Yacht Stewardess?

A stewardess’s responsibilities are to ensure that the yacht is well-kept, organized and polished at all times, as well as providing a 5 stars silver service to the guests. There is also the responsibility of cleaning and housekeeping, as well as the occasional crew cooking and laundry to make sure that everything runs smoothly on board.

Customer satisfaction and providing exceptional service to clients are two of the most essential aspects of your job.

What skills are needed to become a Yacht Stewardess?

The most important skills you need are outstanding interpersonal and communication abilities, as well as being able to work in both team-oriented environments as well as being able to work independently under pressure. Focusing on guest service is key to succeed in this position.

How can I prepare myself for a Yacht Stewardess career?

To become a successful Yacht Stewardess, you don’t necessarily need to have experience in the yachting industry, you can take specialised courses, and learn on the job, but you need a great work ethic and outstanding capabilities of being adaptable, coachable and with a can-do attitude.

To move up the career ladder you need to prove that you have the ability to lead a small team, be able to manage guest expectations, and have good organizational skills. With time you can prove yourself to become a Yacht chief Stewardess.

You will need to have amazing organisational skills, become a tutor and a coach for the junior crew, and of course display a mature, polished and professional attitude at all times.

Is there any courses I can take to upgrade my knowledges and improve my chances of landing a great job?

There are various courses both online and offline that you can take to upskill yourself.

Some of these include formally taught qualifications such as the PYA guest program. The program is designed to teach you the skills that are needed to become a first class stewardess.

The GUEST Program is the Luxury Service & Hospitality Education & Assessment.

This Program is a dedicated education program for Interior Superyacht Crew Standard that helps them advance in their profession.

This is the only internationally recognized maritime hospitality and service training accessible to interior superyacht crew.

Once you move up the ladder you might also look at Leadership and management courses, or Purser courses.

A good yacht stewardess can be a great competitive advantage for a yacht and attract clients.

Yacht Stewardesses are hard to find, as the industry is small and that means that there is less competition from aspiring candidates. A high quality yacht stewardess can have a huge impact on how well your service is perceived, and this in turn will attract more clients or guests.

Which certificates are mandatory to get a job on a yacht?

You will need to make sure you have at least your ENG1, the 5 modules of the basic STCW and a food safety level 2 certificate.

A plus would be to have the RYA Powerboat Level 2.

What type of salary can I expect as a Yacht Stewardess?

The salaries for this type of position vary greatly depending on your experience, the size of the yacht and country you are working in. For a more accurate idea, you need to speak to a recruitment agency working with these yachts about your specific circumstance.

The salaries can vary greatly depending on your experience and if you are single or in a team, but it is possible to make €80,000 per year.

This does not include tips.

How to prepare my CV to land my dream job as a stewardess on yachts?

Having a well-crafted CV is the first step

Before you start writing, try to understand what the role is all about and ask yourself: “What skills do I need to succeed in this position?”

Then provide evidence of those skills and experiences either by including relevant examples or professional certifications.

References? Yes! You should make sure to provide references, as this will show your future employer that you are capable of working with other people and know how to follow through.

Make sure it is easy to read and highlight your skills that relate to the position you are applying for.

By focusing on the requirements of the position and showing your potential employer that you have what it takes to be one, you will have an outstanding chance at landing yourself a fantastic career.

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