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How to hire a butler

Guide on how to hire a butler for your private household

For many years, families across the world have looked to hire a butler to provide exceptional private service as well as assist with the household’s smooth functioning.

When you think of the term “butler,” you’re probably thinking of an older, immaculate gentleman eager to serve up your favorite cocktail on a silver tray.

The fact is, the present-day butler’s duties extend well beyond the traditional service style, of course, a family looking for a butler may still want high-quality formal silver service if that’s what they want, but a butler is also there to relieve pressure on daily family schedules and family lifestyle demands by effective household management.

They are the ultimate private service professionals and they gather a vast scope of competences.

Butlers may perform any number of duties, ranging from estate manager to employing a private chef, arranging dinner parties, and managing the household staff.

The type of experience you are looking for may be very different depending on your requirements and what you would like to hire a butler for, so we’ve created the below hire tips.

How to hire a butler successfully?


Assess Your Specific Needs. In which capacity will your butler work?

Typically the most suitable hires for a butler position are experienced and professional hires. This role can also suit mature and more senior hires who have experience in this industry.

Spend time creating your outline for hire, this will help you find individuals that best suits your needs by narrowing down suitable candidate profiles.


A butler is different than personal assistant work

Personal assistants handle daily administrative support. They answer incoming calls and handle correspondence, arrange appointments, and book travel reservations.

A butler, on the other hand, is more oriented towards household and service needs. He or she will serve guests, manage the household staff, and perform other domestic duties.

A butler may work in a range of different areas and areas.


What skills and qualifications should I look for in a butler?

Most importantly you should hire someone with impeccable manners and give preference to individual who has an affinity towards service work .

You should be looking for a sense of poise, discretion and tact as well as an ability to manage time efficiently.

Both the butler and the employer share similar goals; reliability, punctuality and effectiveness are key attributes that make a great butler.

In most cases, a butler will have been through training programs so they are able to provide formal service if requested.

Having a clear plan to find the right butler makes all the difference…

Hiring a butler might seem intimidating. Whether you’re seeking for a butler for your own home, your family, or for the clients you’re working with, it can be a difficult and perplexing process.

If this is the first time a butler will be working in your home, it’s a good idea to make clear expectations and establish standards. This will prevent confusion, set standards, and make the process more pleasurable as a result.

Read on to learn more about what a butler is capable of, what you can anticipate if you have one in your home, and how to go through the recruiting procedure with confidence.

Typical Butler Roles & Responsibilities

  • The butler is generally the first point of contact in a home, whether it’s over the phone, at the front door or gate, and when guests arrive. If there are parties or events, the butler may greet you and any visitors in the proper manner, take your coat and luggage, and direct them to the correct area of the home. We
  • A professional butler will be well-versed and educated in Silver Service. The butler may arrange the table in any manner that is necessary. This might be a simple weekday meal when the butler can make sure the table is set and serve the food, or it might be a formal dinner party where the butler may offer comprehensive professional table setting in collaboration with a private chef.
  • Butlers are often skilled in cleaning and laundry. They can either work with current housekeepers, manage the housekeeper, or be fully in command of all household cleaning and laundry. Set reasonable expectations for workload when making a butler solely responsible for all housekeeping and laundry. It is necessary to hire a housekeeper to assist the butler.
  • Butlers have the knowledge to handle household staff, plan parties, and by default, they are already excellent time managers who can keep track of calendars. When nannies need a break or you’re out of town on business travel, they are often the expected choice for organising child care.
  • On a daily basis, if required, Butlers may be used as a private chauffeur. They can drop offs and pickups from appointments, run the school bus for the children, and pick up guests at designated spots.
  • Butlers, regardless of sex or gender, are excellent Personal Aides and Confidants. They have the ability to access situations if you need them to do so, know you and the way you want your life to look like from top to bottom, and are well known for knowing exactly what you require before you do yourself.
  • Butlers can plan formal dinners, wine pairings for food, wine cellar management, bar service, setting up the household/house so it looks beautiful for any occasion or party, entertainment planning including finding quality tradesmen to provide flowers/decorations, manage guest
  • Butlers can also handle household budget, contractor and household bills

You’ll discover that a butler adds a tremendous amount to your life. Butlers are frequently skilled in a variety of housekeeping activities, freeing you up to focus on other things. You can devote more time with your friends and family or simply enjoy what matters to you.


Craft the Perfect Butler Job Description.

There is a lot a butler can do, but there are so many hours in the day and you need to be realistic about what you want to get out of the role. Be clear about what tasks, responsibilities or expectations you will not compromise on and ensure that your butler understands this at time of recruitment.

Crafting a perfect job description is half of obtaining an exceptional butler service.

It’s best if you take the time to draft it yourself, or get sure that your desires are being met. As a result, it’s important to craft a solid job description so all the butler’s duties fall under one umbrella and you can ensure expectations are being meet.

The next step is to craft the perfect butler job description. This will be vital in attracting suitable candidates and keeping your hire accountable for their duties. We advise that you include the below details in your job description:

• A short outline of who you are and what type of service or business you offer (This can help attract likeminded candidates)

• A list of the duties you are looking for your butler to carry out

• Finalise the job location

• The experience required – be clear about what it is you are looking for

• The salary range being offered

• Any additional perks or benefits

The perfect butler will have a vast array of skills and experience, which is why we suggest you look for a butler that has been in the industry for longer.

When hiring a butler it’s important to assess what qualifications they have as these can determine whether they are suitable for your hire.

A butler will have undergone training programs similar to those find at a hotel as part of their training. We recommend they have received comprehensive training at a reputable school.

Ask Revealing Interview Questions.

It’s important to know the right questions to ask when interviewing a butler. These will help you assess their character and how they could fit into your household. We have outlined some examples below:

• As a butler what would you see as your main responsibilities?

• How long have you been in this industry?

• What qualities are important to you when looking for a job?

• Do you have any relevant qualifications or experience in this role?

By asking the right questions during the interview, you’ll be able to assess their character and whether they could fit into your household. We recommend that you make sure they are personable, confident and professional so that their service is of the highest standard.

What’s important when hiring a butler, isn’t just what they can do, but also who they are and whether they’ll fit into your household.


Offer the Right Salary.

When hiring a butler, offering the right salary is of great importance. This will allow them to live comfortably and also retain their services. We recommend that you offer them suitable remuneration for the level of service they are providing.

First and foremost, the expectations for the offered job package are influenced by one’s prior experience. In London, for instance, the most seasoned butlers may demand up to £80,000 GBP, whereas a top private butler come house manager in areas such as Los Angeles and New York can earn more than $130,000 US.

Due to the high cost of living, notoriously costly cities such as London, New York, Los Angeles, and other global wealth hotspots like Geneva and Monaco typically demand greater salaries.


Before You Hire a Butler: Run Background Checks.

Before hiring a butler, it’s important to run background checks. This is to ensure that they are of high moral standard and this will not cause any disruption in your household. We recommend you check their references and talk to previous employers before making them an offer

By running these checks on your candidate, you’ll be able to assess their character. We suggest that you look for individuals who are professional, experienced and reputable in providing high class private butler services.


Where to hire a professional butler?

Specialized agencies are the best approach to locate a butler. For decades, we’ve been supplying top-notch butlers all over the world at lighthouse careers.

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