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Reason to choose Lighthouse careers to help you find rare talents?

Yachting is the ultimate luxury experience, A synonym of exclusivity, independence and privacy. 

We pride ourselves on our personal approach to recruitment. We build long term relationships with both Clients and Candidates, thus allowing us to ensure we are placing the right people in the right roles.

We are dedicated to discreet and efficient customer service, and we strive to streamline the recruitment journey from day one. We are rigorous in our approach to screening, checking references and verifying qualifications prior to placing a candidate with a client.

A proven 3 step process

How are we going to help you find unique talents?


We will gather a detailed brief about the position you are looking to fill. Every yacht is different and every candidate is unique. That is why we take the time to understand you and your crew requirements, wherever you may be in the world.


We invest a considerable amount of time getting to know candidates and determining what makes them unique. We identify their key qualities such as personality, individual skillset and overall compatibility with the role, and conduct all the necessary background checks.


We will send you handpicked applicants that are the best in their field. We guarantee you'll match skills and personality! We believe this is fundamental to building long-term, happy and collaborative partnerships between our candidates and our clients.

Hesitating to get in touch?

We have been providing quality services for years and we know what it takes to get things done well. Our expert team will make sure you never regret hiring professionals from start-to finish. Our Reputation Speaks for Itself.

Why choose Lighthouse careers for your yacht crew needs?

No risk

You will receive great talents today without any engagement

No commitment

You dont' need to pay any fee upfront and if we don't find a suitable candidate for you, you won't need to pay anything


We will start the search and send applicants immediately


You will be informed of the progress all the way from start to finish


We provide only thoroughly vetted candidates


Your search can remain anonymous, we won't disclose any details if you prefer to

Cost effective

Our fee structure is transparent and competitive


In case the candidate doesn't work out, you will be covered by our free replacement guarantee.

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