Lighthouse careers

Mission Statement

MLC 2006 Mission Statement

  • We interview each candidate who registers with our agency with the same care and attention, regardless of their age, gender or nationality.

  • We keep candidate personal data confidential and we will send their CV to a third party only with their permission.
  • We ensure that candidates are given equal opportunities to the positions available through our agency based purely on their qualifications and ability to fill the identified role.

  • We ensure that no blacklists or other mechanisms are used to prevent candidates from gaining employment for which they are qualified.

  • We do not place any candidate on a yacht who are under 18 years old.

  • We have an undertaking with all hiring parties that they will issue terms and conditions of the employment offer to the crew member in advance of their commencement date and with adequate time for them to be reviewed.

  • Lighthouse Careers and its staff do not engage in any exploitative practices with regard to the offer of employment and do not support or handle any payment of joining advances or other financial transactions by the ship owner and/or seafarer.
  • The crew member will be informed of their rights and duties and will receive a copy of their SEA prior to the commencement date.

  • The crew member has the right to complain if their rights and duties have been breached (Link to complains procedure https://www.lighthouse-careers. com/complaints-procedure/)

  • Unless notified by the client no collective bargaining agreement will be in place.

  • Any failure on the part of the RPS to meet the obligations of the SEA will be duly compensated.

  • Data integrity and accuracy is vital to us.