If you are looking to find out more about yacht crew jobs, you came to the right place. This article will give you a clear overview of what employment in yachting is like.

There’s more than 367,000 yacht crew workers employed on the 7,000+ SuperYachts in the world. This article gives an overview of working on Yachts including tips and hints for finding jobs.

Working with yachting involves being at the right place at the right time. The ability in travel and work is among the attractions of the industry and is a great bonus. Finding a dream job is not easy, but it’s possible.

There are various levels of yacht crew jobs available to be filled. Some of these yacht jobs require little experience and others require extensive experience in the yachting industry.


Find yacht crew jobs


Jobs in yachting


Those aboard are divided into the bridge engines deck and interior. There are other areas where owner could need personnel such as Security employees, personal support personnel or even helicopter pilots.


In recent years, the yachting industry has exploded in terms of size and demand for more skilled yacht crew. The vessels got bigger and more powerful and there is a higher demand for employment on them. The benefits that come with it are great which explains why people from across the world want to be part of it. Below are the main categories you see on board crewed super yachts and in every section you will find more details about the key jobs in yachting.


Deck department: This is a very active department with a great deal of navigation, pilotage and safety responsibility. The deck department involves also involves dealing with tenders, jet skis, water toys, line handling and crane operations. The deck yacht crew is also responsible for maintaining the everything that has to do with the exterior, teak decks, hull, superstructure.

Climbing up the hierarchy to ultimately become a yacht captain takes a great deal of commitment to enroll courses to improve skills and abilities, and gather the necessary nautical miles. It’s not unusual for someone to start as a deckhand and work his or her way up the ladder and work on several mega yachts before to reach a deck officer position.


What are the different yacht crew positions in the deck department?


Yacht Captain

The yacht Captain or master has full control of the vessel. The role ranges from managing a full-time employee or a large operating unit with several departments and crew members plus a vast budget. Qualifications range from a 200 ton license to a Master Unlimited depending on the size.


Chief Officer

The chief officer or the first officer is the second commanding officer most frequently assumed to act as relief captain as needed. They are also principally responsible for bridge duties and maintaining a smooth function of the deck department. A chief officer is the second


Officer of the watch

Officer of the Watch is deputy of chief/first officer. The job also covers the safety of the yacht and anyone found aboard. The position is usually found on larger yachts and is an important role. Read here for details about the Role of the Watch officer. Find everything about sailing news at.

Yacht OOW jobs



Bosun is responsible for the deck persons, and is usually below The captain or Second or Third Officer, depending on the size of the boat. A BOSUN would involve experience in deck-handing and various other certificates are required. Discover more about the bosun role in the bunks and the bosun crew.

Yacht bosun jobs



Deckhand is an entry level position in which a crew member learns the ropes of yachting. Starting at this position, it’s possible to work your way up through further positions and progressively gain experience in terms of time spent on board. The large majority of yacht crew have started from sheer hard work and dedication.

Yacht deckhand jobs


Engineering department

There is a high demand for yacht crew with strong engineering skills and the knowledge of propulsion systems, air conditioning and electrical systems. The engine department is a part of the yacht’s machinery.

Most boats have diesel engines that need regular checks, general maintenance and surveys by marine engineers. In this department, you will find qualified electricians, mechanics and electronic technicians. Yachts with bigger ‘power’ are becoming more popular as they improve speed and comfort for passengers.


What are the different yacht crew positions in the engine department?


Yacht Chief Engineer

The chief Engineer shall be responsible for maintaining the engines with mechanical equipment on board the vessel. It requires a good understanding of the systems for propulsion, air conditioning and electrical systems. A chief engineer manage a team of engineers to perform all the required tasks under the authority of a captain .

He’ll report directly to the captain or person in charge on board.

Yacht engineer salary

Yacht engineer jobs


Yacht 2nd Engineer / 3rd Engineer

Second engineer reports to Chief Engineer. The Second Engineer performs under the supervision of the Chief Engineer and/or Captain, the routine maintenance work on board vessel’s main engines, generators and other auxiliaries.

2nd Engineer receives assistance from the 3rd engineer and technicians in his or her department. It is a position that provides the opportunity to gain more knowledge and experience in order to move up to chief engineer.

It is also possible to work your way up from 2nd or 3rd engineer to chief engineer by enrolling in courses and gaining the required expertise as a yacht crew.


ETO: Electro Technical Officer

The ETO is in charge of electrical systems. This includes all tasks related to power generation, regulation and application in the vessel’s departments, in addition to the maintenance work on board. Everything in terms of electrics is under his responsibility including batteries , switchboards, wiring diagrams etc..


AV/IT Officer

There is a high demand for professionals with strong knowledge of communication and audio-visual systems. The AV/IT Officer would be in charge to control all the entertainment systems on board, including satellite TV, home cinema, music players etc..

He’s also responsible for other technology used on board such as wifi or telephone system .

Yacht AV/IT jobs



This job includes all tasks related to power generation, regulation and application in the vessel’s departments. It also requires a good understanding of electrical wiring diagrams, electric circuit breaker panels and generators.


What are the different yacht crew positions in the interior department?


Interior luxury yacht crew positions includes steward(ess), chefs, food and beverage managers, housekeeping department. There might be additional activities that fall under the interior department, such as yacht nurses or butlers.



For yachts normally the purser is one of the tasks on larger vessels. The function involved working in numbers and budget management, handling yacht crew visas and other compliance and accounting matters.

Yacht purser jobs


Yacht chief Steward(ess)


This job requires attention to detail with an understanding of guest requirements and preferences. You will be in charge of everything related to service and housekeeping on board.

The Yacht chief Steward(ess) is in charge of the well-being and happiness of guests on board, by making sure everything runs smoothly in terms of food, drinks, cleanliness & guest requests.

On a large luxury yacht, this position might be replace by a Head of service and a Head of housekeeping.


Yacht stewardess salary guide

Yacht chief stewardess jobs


Yacht Steward(ess)

The Yacht Steward(ess) reports to the Chief steward or person in charge on board. It is a junior position and will be assisting the chief steward with different tasks related to service on board.

Yacht stewardess jobs


Laundry Steward(ess):

The yacht’s laundry department washes, dries and irons clothes for everybody on board. Yacht staff must provide guests with clean clothes all the time so this department is busy most of the day.

Yacht laundry jobs




Housekeepers are responsible for making up cabins, cleaning and doing laundry as well as serving guests with all their requirements. They are also involved in organizing parties on board with the help of the deck crew.

Yacht housekeeper jobs


Galley department:


These are very important members of all yachts as they prepare meals for everyone on the boat. They are responsible for buying food and drinks to store in fridges aboard. The client expects well qualified cooks onboard who can provide delicious dishes which can be served to them anytime they want.



Head Chef

The head chef Some yachting exercises require some culinary knowledge & requisite knowledge in particular. The larger the yacht the more formal the expectations and entry requirements (e.g. cook in highly-regarded restaurants or if the owner has a cooking degree).



Second chef

The Second Chef works and assists the Head Chef in order to maintain the same quality and service level as expected by clients. They might also be involved in buying food and other items for boat stores.



Crew chef

The crew chef is responsible for cooking food for all yacht crew on board. It includes catering to their specific dietary requirements, allergies or specialities.



Assistant chef

Assistant chefs might also work on board, depending on how big/small or luxurious yachts are. Assistants will be more involved in kitchen activities such as cleaning, prepping and organizing.


Yacht jobs


Yacht Jobs Requirements & Experience Needed


Experience in Yachting: This is very important. On most yachts, you must have experience aboard similar boats before applying for this particular yacht job. You may need some time to gain all the required skills for each position; this will depend on your availability and your level of experience.


Qualifications & certifications: These are needed for some positions on board so you must speak with your yacht crew agency or the captain first to see what qualifications they require.


Qualifications and certificates are very controlled and highly specific. Each department has its own set of rules. However, there are 2 standard mandatory requirements in order to get a yacht job.


STCW Basic Safety Training


STCW Basic safety Training is a globally recognized standard by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). These requirements are set to ensure that all crew members have adequate knowledge and understanding of their job role, what it implies and how to deal with emergencies. All yachts must comply with it before hiring any seafarers aboard that yacht. It has 5 different modules, for which you will need to gain all the certificates in order to proceed to your next yacht job.



ENG1 – Medical Examination:

This is a medical examination performed by an MCA approved doctor that checks if applicants are fit enough to work on board. All yacht crew must have valid ENG1 in order to comply with standard regulations set by governing bodies.

Apart from those two requirements, you might need other certificates depending on your own position description. For example, for a steward job, you may need to have a food handling certificate or a barista certificate as well as having previous experiences in similar positions before applying for this yacht job.

It is more common to find these skills over time rather than having them right away when you start.



Language skills:

Spanish, French and Italian are the most common languages on yachts in Europe and South America. English is essential to communicate with guests from all over the world. It may not be a must if you work in a different department but it’s important that you speak the language of your workplace.



Physical strength

A yacht crew job demands a lot of physical work from staff. All daily duties revolve around keeping the vessel clean and ready for guests. People who work hard on yachts stay healthy and strong to cope with the workload throughout their career. You can eat well, exercise regularly or combine both with a balanced lifestyle to keep yourself fit.



Being a team player

Yachts are small communities where everyone must work well together in tough situations. You might need to help the crew when they are busy or ask for help when you are in difficulty. This is why it’s important to get along with all types of people on board as some may be older than you or younger than you. You must show respect to everyone and treat them the same way in return, no matter their age or position.




Yacht jobs are demanding because you work for people who want perfect service at all times. Captains and owners don’t accept mistakes and expect all crew members to do well in their role. You must follow all safety standards to avoid disasters and make sure your guests are happy.

Yacht crew jobs are fun, diverse and offer you the chance to meet new people from around the world . However, this is not an easy career as you need to work very hard at first to learn everything about each position on board.



How to apply for the right luxury yachts?


Motor yachts VS sailing yachts

Jobs on luxury sailing boats are generally less intense than those on motor vessels. They are often smaller, which might necessitate the ability to multitask. Salaries on sailing yachts are usually lower than those aboard motor yachts.


Charter yachts VS private yachts


On charter yachts, you might working dual seasons, in Caribbean and in the Mediterranean. You might have a more exiting itinerary, and earn more charter tips but your will generally work harder. On a private luxury yachts, the use of boat is entirely up to the owner to decide, and therefore you might remain in port for a long time, or on the contrary explore Antartica, who knows?

How much can I make as a yacht crew member?

Yacht crew salaries can very greatly depending on the position. We encourage you to check our salary guide to see how much you can expect to earn.


How to interview for a yacht crew job?


When you meet with heads of departments and interviews with captains be able to iron your clothing and brush up hair clean, awake and presentable. Working for mega rich yacht owners has meant you will have to be stylish and be modest. It could be a good idea to cover tattoos, remove face piercings, apply fresh nail polish, trim hair and tie back your hair as well. Some people just don’t.

Working with crew agents to find a yacht job really helps to boost your careers.

Between Ft. Lauderdale, Antibes, dozens of Facebook groups, social media and online sources to help you find yacht jobs. Agents are your main point of contact and represent you under your best light. They can help your prepare for an interview, choosing the right yacht to work on.

They can help your land a great permanent position, rotational or even temporary.

There are a lot of yacht recruitment agency around the globe but only a few are serious about quality recruitment. It’s important that choose an agency who really know what they do and that the yacht crew agency has a good relationship with yachts and management companies.

Yacht jobs offer you great opportunities to travel around the world, experience new cultures and meet all types of people from business tycoons to celebrities! It’s vital that you prepare yourself as much as possible. There are always some open yacht crew jobs, especially for starters and intermediates, but as you get more experienced, your expectations rise and the fewer openings there are.


Why choose Lighthouse careers?


Lighthouse careers is one the world’s largest recruiting partner for superyachts. We provide crew a new approach to yacht employment search by applying your talents and personality to match you to your ideal superyacht crew position that meets your needs and preferences.

Check our recruitment page regularly to stay informed about the latest vacancies for yacht crew jobs.


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