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Useful tips to find Yacht stewardess jobs

There have been a few questions that keep coming up from yacht crew members over the past couple of months. 

A lot of people wanted to know more about yacht stewardess jobs, and where they could find them; so we thought this would be a good time to write again!

What yachts are looking for in yacht stewardesses?

The first thing is to make sure you are a fit for the position – that your personality, character traits, age, experience and education make you suitable for the role as yacht stewardess.

Being on board a yacht may not always be comfortable particularly if there’s bad weather conditions or rough seas. You need to be able to handle this as a yacht stewardess without complaining or getting stressed out – you are there to support the owner, crew, guests and other members.

Hospitality, catering or high end restaurant background is a great asset, but yacht stewardess jobs are open to anybody who is well presented, has a pleasant personality and can communicate effectively.

One yacht stewardess we spoke with said: “You need to be adaptable. Yachting is not for people who just want a job on land; you need to have the flexibility to handle any situation – good or bad. You have to be a team player. It’s all about being available -As a member of the yacht crew, they can count on you to be flexible and willing.

You’ll be serving meals to yacht owners, yacht crew members and guests. You may even be asked to organize private parties. You’ll be asked to do laundry, housekeeping, etc..

The tasks this job entails are wide-ranging.

How to prepare yourself for an interview?

If you find yacht stewardess jobs on yacht crew websites or yacht classifieds make sure you have all the proper yacht qualifications and certifications in place.

Also, look at the yacht information to get an idea of the way they operate.

A yacht chief stewardess we spoke with said: “First impressions really count. You need to be well groomed, professional, and know yacht service inside out. A yacht owner will want to know that you can anticipate his needs and can handle a yacht stewardess job on board with ease”.

If this sounds like something you could manage – give it a try. Join yacht crew agencies or keep an eye on job boards.

Do you need references?

Having yacht references is important! A yacht captain will want to know that you have yacht service experience, that you are well spoken, and comfortable in your environment. The yacht needs to know that if they invite you on board for an interview, they can trust you.

Yacht captains and yacht managers will also be approached to get some more direct feedback from your previous jobs. What makes a yacht stewardess stand out is the value she brings to team building on board the luxury charter yacht as well as the personality and the will to fit in with the crew.

Where to look for yacht stewardess jobs?

Yacht captains and yacht owners have different approaches when looking for yacht stewardesses; some of them advertise directly on websites while others simply ask their friends in the industry if they know anyone who is interested. However, most yacht owners who are serious about finding the perfect crew member opt for assistance from a yacht crew agency.

It’s a good idea to check out yacht crew job boards (for example ), social media sites like Facebook groups (Antibes yacht crew, stewardesses looking for work), LinkedIn groups or Google searches for ‘yacht stewardess jobs’ or ‘luxury yachts look for…’.

Keep an eye out on our job board; we regularly share luxury yacht crew yacht stewardess job openings here.

Why is it necessary to develop a rapport with a few agencies?

Crew agents have connections that allow them to match the best yachts with their ideal crew members. They know if there is going to be a good possibility for compatibility or not.

They will help you improve your careers and pave the way for success.

How much yacht stewardess salary can I expect?  

We have published a very throughout article about yacht stewardesses salaries – you can find here what’s normal for this position.

How do yachts ensure quality yacht stewardess applicants?  

A reputable yacht crew agency will do a thorough reference check, certificate checks, and in-depth interview before presenting you for a position.

Yacht owners will usually ask yacht captains or management for recommendations; most yacht owners are very familiar with the yacht captain’s candidate profile requirements so it could be easier for them to recommend someone who would fit well into their new team on board.  

If you have worked as a yacht stewardess before but haven’t had any formal training, then an additional recommendation from your previous employer or a professional yacht training company could be a deciding factor.

Our top 5 yacht stewardess job opening:

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